Kid's Activities


Note: Parents must accompany and supervise their child while in the Children’s Area

Children’s activities at the Blairsville Scottish Festival provide a fun and safe way for children to learn about all things Scottish. Activities are geared towards children ages 3-13.


Space Walk & Face Painting

Space Walk

Younger children will enjoy a Scottish Castle Space Walk and face painting with favorite Scottish emblems.




Children’s Golf

Miniature Golf

Since Scotland is the birth place of golf, a 4-hole miniature golf course is available for parents and children to enjoy together. Kids find lots of uses for the golf course besides a hole in one!




Passport to the Clans

Little ones can play, too.

This game encourages children to visit different families, clans, and tents.  Once the children have gathered enough information, they receive a prize for participating.




Highland Games for Children

Athletic Games for Ages 6-12

Older children will want to participate in training and competition.  Try the caber toss, putting the stone, and tossing the sheaf.  Equipment is appropriately sized for the age group.


Ride Through Meeks Park

The Children's Train is a big hit!

Younger kids will also enjoy a train ride along the shady banks of Butternut Creek. With a live conductor, this  is a favorite activity for the little ones.

There is something at the Blairsville Scottish festival and Highland Games for all members of the family!