Clans & Societies

What is a Clan? The Gaelic word Clan means family or tribe.  Each clan has its own tartan which is worn in a kilt or scarf and members are fiercely loyal to the group. The reason for the strength of the Scottish clans can be summarized in a quote from a clansman who said, “I owe my Allegiance to the Land of my Birth, but I am first, last, and always a…. (your Clan name).”

Register to be a Clan Tent in 2019

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2019 Honored Clan – Clan Gregor

Past Honored Clans:

2018 – Clan Gunn
2017 – Clan Fraser
2016 – Clan Hay
2015 – Clan Donald
2014 – Clan Scott
2013 – Clan Henderson
2012 – Clan MacFie
2011 – Clan MacFarlane
2010 – Clan Campbell
2009 – Clan Lamont
2008 – Clan MacPherson
2007 – Clan Cameron
2006 – Clan Colquhoun
2005 – Clan Johnstone
2004 – Clan Blair

Current Clans Registered for 2019
(as of 8/28/2018)

1. 78th Fraser Highlanders – Atlanta Garrison
2. Cameron
3. Donald
4. Forrester
5. Fraser
6. Gregor
7. Hay
8. Keith
9. MacCallum/Malcolm
10. MacLaren
11. MacLeod
12. MacPherson
13. Montgomery
14. Ross
15. Scottish Tartans Museum
16. Stewart

Best Clan Tent Competition

Competition is open to each Clan having a tent at the Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games. Clans are awarded points based on Tent originality, attractiveness, cordiality of  conveners, and availability of their Clan information. Clan member participation in the various BSFHG amateur athletics awards more points toward the total.

Winner of 2018 Best Clan Tent: Clan MacCallum/Malcolm

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